PMC specializes in analysis, modeling and implementation of all aspects of manufacturing productivity, factory design, and optimization. We can help you increase the profitability of a facility’s steady throughput, and we can help you scale up production to meet increased demand. Whether you need assessment, consulting, program management, software, or training, PMC provides a comprehensive set of services to help your organization’s manufacturing productivity initiative succeed.

PMC’s Manufacturing Productivity Solutions
Benefits of Manufacturing Productivity Improvement
  • Reduced non-value-added time in facility design
  • Flexibility in designing and analyzing multiple scenarios
  • Reduced risk prior to equipment installation or commissioning
  • Minimized indirect labor
  • Competitive differentiation for systems integrators and AEC firms
We Serve Many Markets

PMC’s Manufacturing Productivity solutions can benefit aerospace & defenseautomotive and industrial manufacturing industries. Our Building Design and BIM Solutions are targeted for AEC (Architecture, Engineering & Construction) industries.