Simulation WorkshopsSW-01Basics of Manufacturing Simulation for Efficient Manufacturing(1/2-day)Introduction to Manufacturing Simulation
What is Simulation
Why SimulateSimulation
MethodologyAdvantages of Simulation
Opportunities for Simulation
When to Simulate
Details of Simulation
How Does Simulation Work
Simulation Methodology in Detail
Data Analysis in Simulation
Input Data
Output Data
How to Handle Downtime Data
Model Verification and Validation Techniques
Types of Applications of Simulation
Case Studies
Manufacturing Scheduling and Buffer Optimization
Robotics/Ergonomics Simulation
Material Handling Design
Supply Chain
Simulation Software
Guidelines for Successful Applications of Simulation
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-03/ST-05Simulation Input Data and Output Results Analysis(1/2-day)Input Data Analysis Process
Input Data Dilemmas and Their Resolution
Common Mistakes and Their Avoidance
Typical Input Data Sources
Randomness and Sampling
Use of Empirical or Canonical Distributions
Output Data Analysis Process
Issues of Experimentation
Warm-Up Times
Run Lengths
Number of Replications
Variance Reduction Techniques
Methods of Output Analysis
Construction of Confidence Intervals
Sensitivity Analysis
Regression Analysis
Design of Experiments
Summary and Conclusions
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-04Simulation Using Arena(3-day)Day One
Introduction to Arena
Exploring the Arena windows and their views
Modules - the basic building blocks for Arena models
The Create, Entity, Process, Resources, Queue, and Dispose modules
Animating Resources and Queues
Setting Run conditions
Viewing reports
A case study exercise

Day Two
Use of Distributions - Standard and User Defined (Empirical)
Use of the Input Analyzer
Model debugging and verification techniques
Basic routing techniques
Statistical analysis of terminating systems
Statistical analysis of steady-state systems
Advanced routing techniques: Sequence module; Sequence and Jobstep attributes
A case study exercise

Day Three
Entity transfer using Transporters
Entity transfer using Conveyors
Entity balking and reneging
Holding and batching entities
Expert modeling and analysis practices
Designing and executing simulation experiments
A case study exercise
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-06Simulation Using ProModel(2-day)Day One
Introduction to ProModel
Building a Basic Model
Running a Basic Model
Changing the View
Viewing Variables
Interpreting Output
Use of Distributions - Standard and User Defined (Empirical)
Building and Running a More Advance Model
Modeling Downtimes
Including Variables
Routing Rules
Logical Statements
A Case Study

Day Two
Use of Attributes
Using Input and Output Files Modeling Conveyors
Model Parameters
Good Programming Habits
Running Experiments and Scenarios
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-07ASimulation Using Simul8 - Basic(2-day)Day One
Introduction to Simul8
Basic Elements in Simul8 - Work Items, Work Centers, Storage Areas, and Conveyors
Review of Simul8's Menus, Toolbars, and Layout Screen
Input and Output Rules, Routing Control
Introduction Exercise
Backgrounds and Graphical Depictions
Modeling Stoppages, Breakdowns, and Setups

Day Two
Use of Labels, Variables, and Spreadsheets
Use of Distributions - Standard and User Defined (Empirical)
Excel Input and Output Interfaces
Modeling Resource Constraints and Shift Patterns
Some Advanced Modeling Techniques
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-07BSimulation Using Simul8 - Advanced(2-day)Day One
Review of Fundamental Simul8 Concepts
Tour of Visual Logic capabilities (e.g., change distributions, change routing percentages, cause breakdown to begin or end dynamically)
Implementation of Kanban: use of Add Work To Queue and/or Block Current Routing Visual Logic commands
Implementation of User Dialogs
Use of the Jobs Matrix
Use of the Cycle Matrix

Day Two
Use of Labels versus Use of Distinct Work Item Types
Label Batching
Handling of Priority and Preemption
Debugging Techniques and Use of the Watch Window
Time Graphs and Output Report Customization
Resource Usage and Travel Times
Creating and Removing Sub-Windows
Overview of Available Add-Ins
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-08Simulation Using Witness(3-day)Day One
Introduction to Witness
Basic Elements in Witness - Parts, Machines, Buffers and Conveyors
Use of Define, Display and Detail
Input and Output Rules, Visual Tools for Rules
Screen Editor and Icon Editor
Modeling Stoppages, Breakdowns and Setups
Use of Attributes, Variables and Functions
A Case Study

Day Two
Use of Distributions - Standard and User Defined (Empirical)
Input and Output Files
Modeling Labor, Resource Constraints and Shift Patterns
Exercise on a Simple Model
Palletized Conveyor Systems
Power and Free Conveyor Systems
Tracks and Vehicles

Day Three
Elements to Capture Output - Time Series, Histogram and Pie Charts
Designer Elements
Advanced Modeling Techniques
Good and Useful Programming Habits
Witness Command Line Programming
Running Experiments and Scenarios
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-09ASimulation Using Enterprise Dynamics (Taylor II/ED) - Basic(3-day)Day One
Introduction to Enterprise Dynamics
Basic Steps of Modeling in ED
Create a Model Layout, Connect Channels
Edit the Resource Parameters, Analyze Results
Case Studies 1 to 3 (Post Office Model, the Production Line and Packing & Sealing)
ED Menu Structure (File - Model - Simulate - Results - Tools - Display - Windows - Help)
ED Library Overview (Basic Modeling, Availability, Conveyors, Data and Experimentation)

Day Two
Cases Studies 4 to 7 (Transporter System, Labels and Atom Reference, Operators, Flow Control)
ED Library (Flow Control, Operations, Operators, Results, Storage and Tools)
4DScript language
Function Editor and Atom Organizer

Day Three
Choice Subjects
Optional Cases
ED Library (Transport, Virtual Reality, Visualization, System and Autoloaded)
Atom Referencing
General concepts of Queuing Theory
Case Studies 8 to 10 (Iron Mine, Pizza Restaurant Chain, Aircraft Seat Production Facility)
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-05Simulation Using AutoMod(3-day)Day One
Introduction to AutoMod
General Systems Description
Process System
Logic Flow

Day Two
Order List
Movement System
Conveyor System

Day Three
Path Mover System
Static System
Reading and Writing Files
Arrayed Elements
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-09BSimulation Using Enterprise Dynamics (Taylor II/ED) - Advanced(2-day)Day One
ED Principles
Atom Editor
Modeling Event handlers
Animation Event handlers
Control- and User Interface Event handlers
Case Studies 1 to 3 (Server Atom, Door Atom and Automated Storage System)

Day Two
Creating Applications and ED Files
Application Files and Demo Model
Virtual Reality
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Simulation WorkshopsSW-09CSimulation Using Enterprise Dynamics (Taylor II/ED) - Upgrade Training(1-day)Day One
Introduction to Latest Features
Speed Improvements
GUI Builder (Case 1)
New Atoms (Case 2)
CAD images as Background and AVI Creator
Why do we need ActiveX ?
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