Description Industry Category
Industrial Engineering Studies Reveal $4M Savings Automotive Work Measurement
Supply Chain Optimization Improves Service Levels Automotive Simulation, Optimization
Hospital Capacity Analysis Helps Validate Architect’s Master Plan Healthcare Simulation, Capacity Analysis
Capacity Analysis Enables Right-sizing Initiatives Aerospace & Defense Simulation Modeling, Scheduling
Lean and Six Sigma Lead to Process Improvement Healthcare Work Measurement, Lean and Six Sigma, Theory of Constraints
Aircraft Assembly Productivity Improvement Aerospace & Defense Simulation
Lean & Six Sigma Improves Construction Process AEC Lean and six sigma, work measurement
Simulation and TOC Validates Steel Mill Capacity Industrial Manufacturing Simulation, Theory of Constraints, Manufacturing Productivity
Material Handling Study Saves Over $900K Industrial Manufacturing Simulation, Theory of Constraints, Material Handling
PLM Assessments Help Define Roadmap Industrial Manufacturing Engineering Productivity, PLM, Digital Engineering
Simulation Study for a Multinational Conglomerate Industrial Engineering Simulation, Manufacturing Productivity
Material Flow Analysis of Fleet Size for Delivery of Door Panels and Seats
Pallet Optimization and Throughput Estimation Via Simulation
Proper Management Techniques are Keys to a Successful Simulation Project
Simulation of Pedestrian Crowds in normal and evacuation
The Role of SimulationIn Design and Operation of Body and Paint Shops in Vehicle Assembly Plants
The Role Simulation in Design of Material Handling System
Using Simulation in Design of a Cellular Assembly Plant with AGV
Integration of Simulation Statistical Analyses and Optimization